Black Barrel Hoop Chandelier
Black Barrel Hoop Chandelier

Black Barrel Hoop Chandelier

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This listing is for one of our handmade wine barrel hoop chandelier that has been painted black. We have saved the wine barrel metal hoops and have cleaned them and coated them with black rust-oleum. This not only makes the color black but also provides a sealant for the hoops, helping to eliminate rust. We then mount 6 of the hoops together at the bottom and the tops with carriage bolts and then spread them apart creating a sphere. We then mount the light bulb and socket into the middle of the light with a metal rod and add a hoop to the top so you can hang it. It comes with a closed hook and 3 feet of chains for you to hang. There are 3 wires that are attached the light socket ( green, white, and black and they are covered with a black case.  You can attach the black cord to the chain for hanging. This light fixture is not a lamp and is designed to be hard wired into your home electrical system.  We do recommend this for indoor use only. 

This light fixture is large and would be great to hang it over a large table in your kitchen or dining room or if you have a bar or restaurant.  You could also purchase a couple of them and make a line of them down your dinning room table. 

Color: Black

Material: 6 Metal Wine Barrel Hoops that are approx 1 inch wide

Dimensions:  approx 26 x 26 x 26 inches

Weight: Hanging Weight is approx 20 pounds


Light Bulb: Edison Led Light Bulb-Amber Glass-Vintage Style, 2.5

Socket with wires: Satco 80/1202  - 660W-250V with  5 feet long or 61 inches of wire length and 150 degree w/ground and green, white, and black wires. 

Includes: electrical socket, light bulb ( pictured ) , wires, hoops for hanging, hook and chain for hanging. 

Electrical : hard wired into your home's electrical system

Usage: Indoor Use Only

Assembly: Comes mostly assembled. You will just need to have an electrician install into your home. 

Delivery Time: We hand make these when you place you order so please allow 5-7 business days for us to ship your item to you. We ship via UPS ground. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do manufacture the light fixture using CE components but the light fixture itself is not CE compliant as a whole and we do recommend having a licensed electrician install this light fixture. This comes with everything you will need to hand the light and the light bulb. 

Custom Orders or Special Request: If you have a special request please feel free to email me and I will be happy to further assist you. We can make any color that you like for the sphere and if you want a different hanging mechanism or light bulb I am sure we would be able to accommodate your request.