Reclaimed Wood Table or Bench

Reclaimed Wood Table or Bench

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This awesome table is made from reclaimed wood and iron pipes. The wood has been sanded and coated with polyethane for a nice clean look.

The dimensions:

-1 wooden board is 48 inches long, 11.5 inches depth, 1.5 inches in width
-The legs are 32 inches long
-Height of completed table is 35.5 inches
-Weight approx 20 pounds
-Very sturdy and stable item and can be mounted to the floor if you want , or I can also add a fashner to the top board and you can mount it to the wall.

I can customize the height of the legs so please feel free to email me with your questions and idea's that you have about a project.

Shipping cost is $50 and can be delivered to the continental US or could be pick up if you live in Sonoma county.