Reclaimed Wood Mason Jar Planter Set of Five

Reclaimed Wood Mason Jar Planter Set of Five

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Our Mason jar indoor or outdoor planter is handcrafted from reclaimed wood. Each piece of wood is inspected and hand selected for the fixture that we are creating. Every board is slightly different and handpicked for its character and charm. This rustic inspiration can add warmth and flair to any space and can be used indoors or outdoors.

This particular piece would look great in the entry way, hallway, or kitchen area. Buy more than one and mount them down the hallway.

Items Included in Kit:

5 Clear Mason Jars (all 5 will match in size and brand) , which is approx. 31 inches in length, 1 inches in width, and 6 inches in height.
1 Reclaimed wooden piece-which will be natural in color and will have one sealant coating on it for protection.
2 stainless steel fashner to mount to the planter to hold the mason jars in place
2 hangers on the back of the planter for wall hanging
2 nail to hang the planter to the wall

The kit includes all parts that you will need to assemble and mount the kit.

The assembly time should take approx. 15 minutes