Reclaimed Wooden Compost Bin
Reclaimed Wooden Compost Bin
Reclaimed Wooden Compost Bin

Reclaimed Wooden Compost Bin

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This handcrafted reclaimed wooden compost bin is meticulously handcrafted using reclaimed wood and we take pride in our materials and craftsmanship. Each piece of wood is inspected and hand selected for it's uniqueness and charm. 

This handmade composter should be used outside and  serves as a near rodent-proof container for your composting food scraps and yard clippings. It is made with specific dimensions to ensure proper oxygen flow through the the mesh back, bottom, and sides. The top of the compost bin has a handle so you can easily open the bin and add food scraps to the compost bin and the  panels in the front are removable making it easy for you to turn the compost and removing the finished compost. You can use this compost on your garden to increase nutrients and improve soil texture. It has a natural wood color and is 30 x 30 x 30 inches with a locking mechanism to keep out the animals. 

Here is the description and materials:

  • -Sturdy reclaimed wooden boards
  • -Sides are made from galvanized hardware cloth with mesh
  • -Hinged Lid has a hasp and staple closure
  • -Has locking mechanism to keep the animals out
  • -No special Maintenance - product will grey naturally
  • -30 x 30 x 30 inches
  • -Made in the USA



The reclaimed wooden compost bin comes partially assembled with 4 screens and should take about 20 minutes to assembled.  It weighs about 65 pounds and will ship via UPS. 


Materials: Reclaimed Wood and Galvanized Mesh 

Care: None

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30 inches

Weight: approx 65 pounds

Country Of Origin: USA