About Us

Our Story:

I started researching selling and making bags several years ago. I was looking for a tool bag and a garden bag and I didn't like my options so I decide to make some. I kept going and started making planters, lights, bookcases, coolers , you name it. Our goal is to reduce waste by manufacturing new items that are made from recycled or recyclable materials.  We sell fashionable reusable bags, garden items, home furnishings, and garden items made out of reclaimed wine barrels, wine barrel staves, and reclaimed wood.  Most of the materials that we use include: wine barrels, reclaimed wood, industrial iron pipes, pallets, leather, and canvas. We like to make bookcases, tables, tv stands, table, benches, reclaimed corn hole set , and mason jar light fixtures to name a few. 


We love making special items for our customers ! If you have an idea of something that you would like built please email us and we would be happy to help. I have created several different bookcases upon request for many of our customers as well as other requested items. 

Local to the San Francisco Bay Area: 

Many of our products are made here in Sonoma and if you are a local customer and want to arrange for a pick up and drop off we might be able to accommodate you. We offer Uber Rush as an option for delivery so please feel free to contact us with your request. 


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