Reclaimed Bookcase with Industrial Piping, Industrial Shelving

Reclaimed Bookcase with Industrial Piping, Industrial Shelving

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Our reclaimed bookcase is made from reclaimed redwood and iron pipes. ...I have cut, cleaned, sanded down, and coated with an indoor sealant. Redwood is also rot proof so this bookcase should last for many years. The boards are maintained in their rustic wooden nature and a bit rough. The sealant coats it nicely but does not make it shiny upon looking at it directly. 

Each board is held up by 4 industrial pipes and flanges. Each flange and pipe is 100 % iron and very study with 4 screws per flange and they are not only screwed to the bottom piece of wood but also to the top piece as well. Each pipe is threaded and you can easily screw the flange to it and can also make small adjustments. The bottom flange can be drilled into your floor if you would like it to be even more sturdy but I have found on mine that's not necessary.

The specifications are:
-4 boards- each board is approx. 48 inches ( 4 feet ) in length, 1 1/2 inches thick, and the width is 11 inches.  The total height of the bookcase is approx. 50 inches tall
-1 coat on each side and edges of boards with polyethylene
-16 -10 inch industrial strength iron pipe legs with 16 3/4 inch flanges that hold them in securely place. Each pipe is threaded so you screw them into the flange and can make small adjustments if necessary.
-Screws and screw holes included

For shipping we will pre-drill the holes for you in each piece of wood and once it arrives you simply screw the pieces together. It should take approx. 15 minutes to get everything screwed together and you should be able to use it promptly.

If you ever have to move and want to take the bookcase apart you can just un-screw the top screw for easy moving.

We can customize orders, please feel free to email me anytime and we can work together on creating a unique item for your home.