Woot.com Earth Day Special-Reclaimed Wooden Wine Rack - Walnut

Reclaimed Wooden Wine Rack - Walnut


Reclaimed wooden wine racks are made from recycled pallets from San Francisco, California and are certain to bring a charismatic and rustic look to your kitchen, dining room, and even outdoor areas.

  • Each piece of wood is handpicked by because of its unique character and assembled with a lot of love and care
  • Each piece of wood tells a story and has slight imperfections which give it a distinctive charm
  • The wood is then cleaned and sanded to give a smooth luxurious finish
  • It comes with pre-drilled holes and a mounting kit for your convenience
  • The wine rack is coated with walnut and a coat of sealant for lasting protection
  • This is a great upscale wine rack with a deep color and luxurious finish that can add a spark to any room
  • Each rack can hold 10 bottles and 8 wine glasses below

Special Note: Each wine rack is handmade and will be built with the dimensions listed under the specs tab but there will be a slight variation with each rack because each piece of wood is slightly different giving the rack its own charm and personality.